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Haim (pronounced hy-əm, /ˈhaɪ.əm/, Hebrew: חיים Life[a] and stylized as HAIM) is an American pop rock band from Los Angeles. The band consists of sisters Este, Danielle and Alana Haim, and drummer Dash Hutton. The group's pop sound on their studio work stands in contrast to the more rock-based music of their live shows.
The sisters grew up in a musical family, and began playing instruments from an early age in cover bands with their parents. They began performing as Haim in 2007, but did not seriously consider a professional career for some years. Este graduated with a degree in Ethnomusicology, while Danielle became a successful touring guitarist with Jenny Lewis and The Strokes' frontman, Julian Casablancas, on his solo tours. This led to Haim resuming as a full-time operation in 2012.
The group's first release, Forever (an EP released on a limited-time download), combined with positive reception at the South by Southwest festival, led to a deal with Polydor Records and a management deal with Jay Z's Roc Nation group in mid-2012. The band began recording material for their first album, Days Are Gone, in between touring, including appearances at the Glastonbury Festival. The album charted in the top ten in several countries, including the number one-spot in the UK, and the group had won several "best of" awards by the end of 2013. The group was nominated for Best New Artist at the 57th Annual Grammy Awards and is recording a second album.
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